Had enough of The Lucky Corner? You have?!? Hey, Wheezer, come over here and give this guy the raspberries! Okay, now, while you're wiping the spit off your knees, let me direct you to some of my favorite Our Gang websites, all of which are far more entertaining than my own.

Mary Kornman
A fine tribute to the gang's first long-term leading lady, set up by John Frank, with a whole busload of photos from John and his pals Randy Jones and that other guy whose name pops up on about seven different sites. Also, one of the links is devoted to Mary's sister Mildred.
This is THE place to go for information about Alfalfa. Nuf said.
Jean Darling's Homepage
Gangster Jean Darling herself set up this website, and offers autographed photos and related items for sale.
The Little Rascals by Thomas Staedeli
This is a terrific collection of biogs of most of the main Our Gang members, with pics included.
Shirley Jean Rickert Measures
Shirley Jean's site, with autographed photos available.
Our Gang Online
Okay, it hasn't been updated since the silent era, but Steve Ramsey's site is still one of the funnest on the web. And nowadays, it's just as nostalgic as its subject matter!
Our Gang!!
Another site that doesn't seem to get updated anymore, but ah the memories!.
Uncle Tom's Cabin
This site is dedicated to the famous play, and the page connected to the link features a synopsis, with vidcaps, of "Uncle Tom's Uncle."
The Heustess Family Website
This site offers several types of multimedia files, including pictures, music, sound bytes, and film clips.

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